Writing EzineArticles is one of the best business building activities you will ever spend time on online. They can be used in many different ways to generate website traffic, build lists, brand your name, earn affiliate commissions, and generate sales for your products and services.

They are undoubtedly a vital part of any successful internet marketing campaign.

However, there is still a pending question:

WHAT should I write about in my ezine articles?

I want to share with you some brainstorming ideas that will allow you to easily come up with a couple dozen (or more) hot ideas for your next ezine articles. I’m going to briefly share seven (7) starter articles to fill in the blank along with a short explanation to help you get started writing attention-grabbing content.

When you’re ready to write your next ezine article, consider one of these formulas that haven’t been overused yet …

01. What to do when [Enter Problem Here]. The idea of ​​this article is to offer a solution to an existing problem by naturally approaching the topic discussed in the article. “What to do when you need to lose the last 5 pounds” points out a problem faced by many dieters and suggests that the article will reveal a method to overcome this barrier. The pointy style of this article makes for a safe read.

02. Can [Enter Solution Here] Help [Enter Problem Here]? Similar to number one above, this article raises a question while emphasizing both the problem and the possible solution. What really works here is asking a question that “piques curiosity” by providing a solution that doesn’t seem to fit the problem. For example: if you are trying to regrow hair on your bald head, could you resist reading, “Can Cheerios help thicken your hair?” I do not believe it.

03. Should you [Enter Activity Here]? (Please answer this questionnaire). People love testing. They especially love to see how they measure up in an area in which they are particularly interested. That combination makes this another ezine article that gets a lot of hits. “Should you quit your job and start an internet business? Take this quiz!” is going to attract all the dissatisfied internet marketers looking for greener pastures on the block.

04. 7 “You must ask questions” to [Enter Activity Here]. This is a perfect item for the entry-level beginner in any particular field. “Seven ‘Must-Have’ Questions for First-Time Homeschooling Kids When Choosing Curriculum” is a guaranteed read for all new homeschooling moms and dads who don’t want to screw it up for their kids. (Note: the “number” of required questions can be whatever you choose).

05. 3 [Enter Topical Adjective Here] Lessons from [Enter Pop Culture Reference]. By using references to popular culture events, characters, TV shows, news and trends, you will be able to get cheap mileage from existing “hot buttons” from the general public. I recently wrote an article titled “3 Lessons in Word of Mouth Marketing from the Academy Awards” that sparked a lot of interest. Guess when I released it? Yes, a week before the big awards ceremony.

06. Mastery [Enter Topic Here]: How [Enter Tutorial Statement Here] Part 1. This is a great article idea for a series of related tutorials. The word “master” is overused sometimes in marketing circles, but it means “to become an expert” at something or to “achieve mastery” over something. Who wouldn’t want to “dominate” your activity of interest? That’s why “Mastering Weight Loss: How To Lose 12-15 Pounds In 30 Days, Part 1” and other articles in your mold are widely read content.

07. What kind of [Enter Desirable Object Here] It is the best for you? We all want what is “best” for us, don’t we? “What Kind of Internet Business is Best for You?” indicates that there is something revealed in the article that will allow me to determine which of the options available to me is the most suitable for me. This is a really solid article to guide others to additional resources (like special reports, mini-courses, etc.) where they can get specific information on which of the “options” mentioned in the article is more interesting and compatible with them.

So, here are some great ideas to start your next ezine article.

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