Why do I always feel cold? Top 3 reasons why you feel this way all the time

Do you always wonder why I always feel cold and nothing you do relieves me? If so, today you will get the top 3 reasons to feel this way. I assure you that if you suffer from constant cold hands and feet, one of these 3 and possibly all 3 could be the cause of your problems.

The top 3 reasons to always feel cold!

Hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) – A large majority of women suffer from weakened thyroid function. Very often, this can lead to many symptoms that can include a generally cold body temperature, difficulty losing weight with weight gain, as well as chronic fatigue. Although men are also at risk, women are the most common to suffer from it. I suggest increasing iodine in the diet to help counteract this easily, the best sources of iodine will come from sea vegetables (seaweed) such as wakame, kombu and dulse.

Low iron in the blood – A very common cause of cold hands and feet as well as dark circles under the eyes and fatigue. Again, women are at the highest risk for this condition due to their monthly blood loss. Athletes are also vulnerable, and vegetarians constantly suffer from this condition unless they are constantly eating large vegetarian sources of iron. The quickest solution is an iron supplement. Liquid forms are much better, however, if iron isn’t your problem, then the last thing you want to do is consume too much of it, especially since excess iron fuels the next cause of being always cold.

Candida overgrowth – Lastly and most importantly is a candida overgrowth. What is the candida you ask? It is a yeast that lives inside all of us. In many of us, it will actually shapeshift into an aggressive fungal form. This mutation is triggered by many things, but the most common cause is the use of antibiotics/prescription drugs in addition to a diet high in refined foods, specifically sugar. This fungus affects approximately 80% of the population at different levels and has a longer list of symptoms than any other condition.

Some people experience severe digestive problems, fatigue, poor circulation including cold hands and feet, dizziness, a weakened immune system, chronic allergies and infections, depression, anxiety, brain fog and the list goes on and on.

My suggestion is that if you feel cold all the time and don’t know why, take a quick online candida test or survey to help determine if candida seems to be the cause of your health problems.

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