Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner

Woolite foam carpets are some of the best quality available on the market. You can use it in place of any other carpet cleaner and get all the benefits of a wool rug without having to buy one. In fact you can use it as a carpet protector. Carpets can be very easily damaged, especially by furniture. If they stand directly on a solid object, such as a table, they could get knocked down and become damaged. You would be much better off with a Woolite carpet stick.

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It does not take long for heavy traffic areas of a room to become dirty. The dirt particles from shoes will likely cause this. Your feet can only stand on the floors for so long without causing any damage. Woolite can help combat this problem. It also works as a great foot deterrent. Your guests will be less likely to walk on your rug when you have a Woolite carpet cleaner on.

Woolite has a foul smell. It is not a smell that are unique to wool, but it is distinct. Many people find that after walking on a wool rug that they have a slightly musty scent. A woolite foam cleaner will take care of this, along with removing the stains.

What Is a Woolite Foam Carpet Cleaner?

A heavy traffic area in your home will need a woolite foam cleaner more than a carpet protector. You will also likely need a wool spray to use on any areas that were not covered by the foam. This can be helpful if the odor that is emitted by a carpet contains chemicals that react with the moisture in it. The spray will work to neutralize the chemicals and prevent them from coming back.

A stain from a heavy traffic area can take quite a bit longer to remove than a stain caused by something being stored somewhere. It also might not come out as quickly as you would like. You may need several applications to get it completely free. There are some solutions that you can purchase at your local store or online to speed up the process. You should consult with a professional before you use any of these products to ensure that they are safe for you and that they will work well.

A woolite foam carpet cleaner will work well on any type of rug, even artificial ones. It will prevent heavy traffic stains from coming through. It is also great at removing odor from high traffic areas. For these reasons, it is one of the best products to use on your carpet.

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