What causes premonitions? Precognitive Visions Explored

What Causes Premonitions? Premonition visions are attributed to the residence of supernatural or paranormal abilities and are believed to be just another fragment of psychic abilities that everyone has, but not everyone may be tuned to apply. Premonitions are often reported as a deep feeling of apprehension or fear, misinterpreted and decided on their effects rather than practice, and are consequently most often perceived as fortune telling. Despite the fact that these premonitions are usually not radiantly clear, they are often emotionally powerful enough for us to act on them.

The most common method of receiving premonition visions is through your dreams. Our dreams provide us with awareness and understanding even though our conscious mind does not. These sometimes uncomfortable experiences are frequent vehicles for premonitions, whether direct or symbolic, as well as in actual dreams. Furthermore, it is conceivable that feelings, whether they remain vague hunches or are implanted in dreams, must sometimes be subconscious inferences drawn from actual, if not hidden, awareness of existing known details.

Premonitions that occur in the waking state are more dominant than those that occur in dreams, since in the latter they are often hidden as symbols and tend to go unnoticed. Anticipated feelings can give quick intuitive alerts that occur frequently but are too delicate to impact conscious memory. The characteristics can be as subtle as an upset feeling, or they can be so overwhelming that they take you out of your daily routine and prevent you from thinking about anything else. They may appear the day after the vision, and some may not occur until years later. Premonition visions can range from uncertain feelings of anxiety, suggesting an upcoming tragedy, to actual hallucinations, optical or auditory sensations. They can be distinguished from precognition, since premonitions are based more on the senses, being affected by symptoms of psychological distress, discouragement or anxiety that have no rational explanation, while precognitions are based more on knowledge of the future. The true functioning of premonitions is not precisely known, that is, why some people acquire them and others do not.

Psychic theorists conceive that precognition has the prerogative of releasing powerful psychokinetic energies, which in turn can materialize into future events, with all events happening the way they were envisioned. Some people seem to be more receptive to these kinds of feelings and are called ‘sensitive’ or ‘psychic’. Psychics can gain precognitive insight through trance, channeling, prophesying, and mediumship. This may be because the person experiencing precognition will go into shock or, in fact, because she is not used to the apparent new psychic power she possesses.

With the progression of the scientific era, people have started to rely less on their perceptions and only in recent years is science exploring the meaning of human intuition and sensation to fully understand what causes premonitions.

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