Transitional Style Interiors – Sophisticated Mogul

Transitional interiors have the best of both worlds – traditional and contemporary. Staying within the familiar realm of tradition, but making it joyous with fresh new ideas. Traditional architecture and designs have a beautiful appeal and, when renewed, stand out as even more classic. A renovated historic home carries character, but contemporary furnishings add a modern twist.

Taking inspiration from the past, it’s really all about ancient architectural design, terrace arches and antique doors with beautiful authentic carved details. Crafted in dark woods, the patina blends seamlessly with neutral walls where contemporary art can be displayed. Pale blue carved cabinets, cabinets with green flowers, muted red chests that filter colors into the interiors. Bring in tone-on-tone furnishings and furnishings like accent rusty wood cabinets or distressed white console, minimizing the dramatic angle.

Burnished brass with soft, warm undertones accentuates the wood patina of the cabinets. A huge floor mirror made from an antique architectural door frame gives the living room a focal point. The crystal chandeliers complement the traditional elegance very well. Symmetry is essential to keep the room balanced and in harmony. The huge TV screen is balanced with 2 arches on each side that have been converted into bookshelves. The damask fabric on the sofa adds strength without making it too contemporary. Extravagant silhouettes, traditional fabrics and ornate fabrics draw attention to the walls. Tree of Life carved wall panels accented by simple straight curtains that barely brush the floor, neat clean lines, too much fabric gives a messy effect.

The world-inspired carvings and sculptures he collects from his travels are displayed on the walls in accent lighting that focuses on his unique artistic detail. The broad-leaved ferns and green foliage play beautifully with the dark patina of the wood and neutral walls. The vintage whitewashed screen with iron work adds interest to the simply furnished living room. The turquoise blue coffee table adds a touch of color, muted but enlivening the room. Vivid textures and handloomed cotton fabrics add interest while maintaining contemporary style.

The bedroom with a simple upholstered bed has a unique handcrafted wardrobe with beautiful crown molding and muted patina, perfectly balanced with the vintage media console. Select pieces give a room a feeling of refined elegance. Harmony and balance of traditional design with modern style, interiors that focus on comfort and style, transitional interiors carry a classic atmosphere of sophisticated elegance.

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