The importance of typesetting and ad design

By placing your ad in print publications you can generate a much better response if you have a well-designed ad. Many of the publications out there will offer you free typesetting, which is great as it will save you from paying for some typeface ads, but the only problem with this is that your ad will look very similar to many of the other ads the publication has typefaced for their other clients. All typographers have their own style of making ads and the typesetting department of that magazine will have the same style. I used this free post typesetting service in the past and got responses to my ads, but I also had my ads done by a different typographer/ad designer, I submitted those ads to one post and got a much better response because my ad looked different than the rest.

Typesetting is not too expensive, especially through those who offer typesetting by mail service. I have compared the prices between some well known mail order merchants who offer this service and the prices of the local printers and there is a very, very big difference in price. As mentioned above, it seems that all typographers have their own style and it’s come to a point with me now that when I see magazine ads I can usually tell who composed the specific ad I’m looking at. Typically, the rates for the typesetting of ads are a couple of dollars per inch. An 8X10″ full page ad will run you anywhere from $20-$30. Everyone’s prices are different, but those are average prices. Your ad is very important, you don’t just want to run a plain ad that won’t get noticed, you need your ad to stand out from the crowd and grab as much attention as it can get.

I can remember one of the first ads I put in a post. It was a 1″ ad for a money making program I had joined and had the ad done by a mail order distributor. I think it had only cost me $1 and an LSASE for him to do my ad. I got my ads in the mail and was not disappointed because as far as I was concerned the ad looked good, now I could submit it to a publication and run it in their magazine. Not even bold. I ended up getting 8 inquiries about my ad. Later I did another ad with the same wording of different types Master who made a cool looking fancy border for my ad made my header stand out with a nice looking font that looked like 3D He even added a little artwork in that little 1″ space with some dollar signs. I ran my new ad in the same magazine months later and received 31 responses, almost four times the number of the other single ad I had run. So never forget the importance of your ad design, it can cost you a lot of clients.

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