The 7 best tools to save time and boost your social media marketing WITHOUT increasing your workload!

With all the hard work it takes to get your business up and running and profitable, it’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs struggle to find the time to maintain their social media presence.

This is why I have invested in discovering little “tricks” on social media – tools and methods that I can use to maintain my presence, grow my following, and make money from social media WITHOUT increasing my workload every day.

In this article, you’ll discover 7 of those time-saving social media tools:

1) Tweet Adder: With this software, you can automate the sending of Direct Messages to new Twitter followers (a great way to offer your followers free gifts for following you on Twitter, thus creating your list in a fully automated way). You can also quickly and easily generate lists of relevant people to follow without having to log into the Twitter platform. Easy peasy!

2) Pay with a Tweet – With this software, you can offer followers an alternative to subscribing with your name / email address. Instead, they can “pay with a tweet” (they tweet a message on their Twitter profile and, in return, you give them access to your offer). I like to use this to kill 2 birds with one stone: add value to my list and build my list. The way it is done is by allowing only existing subscribers to the newsletter the option to pay with a tweet. When your subscribers send their tweets, the tweets will contain a link that leads to a landing page that DOES require a subscription. Therefore, anyone who clicks on your tweet must subscribe to the mailing list, thus increasing your list (again, without any additional work)!

3) Meet Edgar: Typical social media scheduling softwares that entrepreneurs use (i.e. Hoot Suite and Sprout Social) still require quite a bit of manual work because you have to enter the days and times posts come out for each profile. You also cannot reuse the content automatically (you must re-enter it into the system). With Meet Edgar, you can upload a large amount of content in bulk and let Edgar choose when to schedule it. And the more content you post, the smarter Edgar becomes (so if a certain post is getting a lot of traction, Edgar will automatically reuse it to help increase engagement on your pages). I love it!

4) Fan of the Week – This app is a great way to show some love for the most active fans on your Facebook fan pages. Each week, the software evaluates which of its fans was the most attractive on their profile and will reward the fan by announcing them as the “Fan of the Week”. This is an easy and automated way to keep your followers happy!

5) Hub Spot Blog Topic Builder – One of the most challenging parts of social media is creating things to post about. This includes creating blogs to distribute on your social networks. With this tool, you can enter a couple of words related to what you want to write and it will generate a list of blog topic ideas for you.

6) Canva – Unless you’re a graphic designer, creating branded graphics for your social media posts can be a headache (and if you hire people to do it for you, it can cost a penny). I’m a tech, but I’m not a designer, so what I do is use Canva to create my social media graphics. I customize their free designs with my brand colors, images of myself, and quotes or messages that would resonate with my followers.

7) WooBox – This one is pretty cool, because you can do a lot with it: contests, coupons, quizzes, polls, social media landing pages, and more. But the social media “trick” and time saver has a feature that allows you to configure it so that everything you post on your fan page is automatically posted to your Twitter. Now the downside to this is that your content on these platforms is the same (so why should anyone bother following you on Twitter?) And if you post a longer post, it will look strange on Twitter. But, if you are very limited by time, consider the length of your posts and set up another medium for people to follow you on Twitter (i.e. give followers a one-time gift for Twitter followers only, using Tweet Adders Direct Messaging feature mentioned in # 1), so it’s worth it.

Armed with these 7 social media tools, you’ll be able to build a following of fans who love you without having to sacrifice hours each day creating content, creating posts, and thinking of ways to build engagement. (Woohoo!)

Now get out there and do shit!

<3 Amanda

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