The 5 Sexiest Cars of 2011

Most men, and some women today, love to drive a real head turn that forces everyone to stop and admire their car. If you feel the same way, then you should certainly greatly appreciate our list of the 5 sexiest cars of 2011.

# 5 Ranked Sexiest Car for 2011 – Chevy Corvette – The Corvette is America’s premium sports car. It may not own the handling of some of the European models that are designed to ride on roads built 500 years ago, but then again, the US wasn’t even a country back then.

However, if you want to do a little endurance race with it, the Corvette will blow most of the European models that come close to being in its price range. For a meager $ 48,950, you can drive one of the fastest and most attractive cars currently made in the US Its lines are outstanding, and both the front and rear are spectacular creations.

Ranked # 4 Sexiest Car for 2011 – Maserati Granturismo- This little beauty is a 4-seat coupe that is produced by one of the most famous and respected automakers in the world. When you compare its price to some of its competitors, it does very well, selling for just $ 118,900.

It comes with a stunning red interior made of leather, and its body design is everything you would expect from a Maserati. Its V8 produces a respectable 405 horsepower. The men read this sentence very carefully, 100% of the women who were asked if they would date someone who owned one of these cars answered “YES”.

Ranked # 3 Sexiest Car of 2011 – Tesla Model S – Who says you can’t build a car that not only looks tremendous, but is also great for the planet and the environment? It certainly wasn’t people who designed and produced the Tesla Model S. It’s a full-size battery-electric sedan that not only handles superbly, but also goes from 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds, which isn’t. so bad.

Its price ranges from $ 60,000 to $ 109,000 and it can travel up to 300 miles after the batteries have only been charged for 45 minutes. It is a very intelligent car, with incredible lines that force everyone who comes close to it to take a second and third look.

# 2 Sexiest Rated Car for 2011 – Mercedes Benz SLS AMG – This one-of-a-kind creation retails for approximately $ 200,000 and comes with 10-spoke forged wheels, a V-8 producing 563 horsepower, carbon fiber trim and a Bang & Olufsen stereo world output. Not only does it look wonderful, it works great too.

Ranked Sexiest Car of 2011 – Aston Martin DDS Volante – Nothing in the world beats driving down the highway in a convertible that’s so awesome everyone stops to watch you go by. If you want to own one of these gems, it will cost you $ 284,000 and it comes with a V-12 engine that makes 510 horsepower going from 0 to 60 in just 4.3 seconds.

There you have it, the 5 Sexiest Cars of 2011. So please explain what you are waiting for, it’s time to race to the nearest dealership and drive around with your dream car.

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