Teenagers of yesterday and today

Today’s kids face similar challenges as teens in the 1980s. Similar but different. Peer pressure remains the biggest challenge everyone faces. The idea of ​​experimenting with things like alcohol, drugs, and sex hasn’t gone away and will no doubt continue to be a part of the scene. In the early 1980s, one could have had unprotected sex and perhaps, in the worst case, had to find a cure for genital warts. Genital warts may have been an unsightly rite of passage back then, but these days, having unprotected sex with countless partners is life-threatening. Contracting HIV is such a clear and present danger that if withdrawal cannot be prevented, then the use of protective measures such as condoms is the best choice. Anything else can have fatal consequences. The presence of alcohol and underage drinking is still there. Stricter laws against driving under the influence or DUI under the penalty of a conviction and permanent record may have minimized teen drinking and driving, but it is impossible to eliminate that situation. Is working? In some states like California, it has, and this is a good sign. A life saved is worth every dollar spent.

It is also that this adolescent society is growing when information is easily accessible. They have all the tools and skill sets available to learn about information technology and computers. The dominance of computer games has added new skills to this generation and even new professions, as there is an increase in professional online gamers whose occupation is to compete in national and international competitions that feature teams of gamers competing in various types of games. computer, head to head, against other teams as well. It is beneficial to the computer game industry and also to the computer industry. These days, games are becoming so realistic and full of graphics that they are not only rich and life-like, but also responsive and seductive to their intended market. Players, in a sense, are sellers or models who use their talents to sell said products. And when we talk about information technology, we cannot dismiss the influence of the Internet that made the world smaller. The ability of this technology to make people from all over the world communicate instantly, chat, exchange information and ideas has had some positive effects. There is more knowledge and useful information that is transmitted and shared among all.

Global communication has made people more tolerant of each other, especially when it comes to different cultures. This was not really possible 20 years ago. Whatever the status of teens now and in the ’80s, one thing is for sure. Free will and choice have always been present and the final decision and choice is always made by the person involved. And in making that decision comes the hard part, especially for any confused teenager, then and now.

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