On-board brake stroke monitoring system

On-board brake stroke monitoring systems have been developed to communicate air braking problems in real time with drivers, inspectors or mechanical personnel. These systems are designed to inform the vehicle operator of a number of different problems that could occur with an air brake system.

The most common braking system problems are due to pushrod travel problems not loosening or not working. When these problems arise, the truck’s brakes may operate at lower levels than necessary or become completely inoperable.

By installing an on-board race monitoring system, the controller will be alerted to these potential problems in real time as they occur. The cab of the truck will have a driver interface installed that is designed to turn on LED lights when potential braking problems are discovered.

Since drivers are often unaware of existing brake defects and reduced stopping capacity, brake monitoring systems provide valuable information for the driver to know when the brakes are out of adjustment or not working properly so that they can be taken corrective measures to maintain the safe operation of the vehicle.

The on-board brake stroke monitoring system can alert the driver to multiple safety issues related to the braking system. Drivers can be alerted to worn, seized or out of adjustment manual and automatic slack adjusters, slack adjusters that have not been installed properly, pushrods that have been cut too far, broken actuator diaphragms or leaky overhead lines, clogged overhead lines or bent, frozen or stuck air valves, cracked or broken brake drums, brake shoes that may be “hanging” due to other faults in the base brake system or slack adjuster failures, push rods not have retracted due to stuck components, broken parking brake springs, and worn S-cams.

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