The reliable, robust and easy-to-drive SUV, the Renault Duster is already dominating millions of hearts. This powerful engine has become the first choice for all those enthusiasts who love to drive a vehicle with off-road capabilities. Its compact dimensions, short overhangs, large clearance angles, high ground clearance and reinforced underbody are suitable for off-road use. All of these features simply make you fall in love with this exalted SUV.

And now Nissan has created Terrano, which is again a compact SUV or you can say, an embellished and glorified version of the Renault Duster. But do you really think Nissan is reckless enough to invest its money in a product that already dominates the market? Well, if you really believe it, give it a second thought and read more about this new Nissan Terrano.

Duster vs. Terrano – Judging by appearances

The new design philosophy of the latest Nissan SUV models can also be seen in Terrano. Compared to the plain and simple Renault Duster, Terrano has a more aggressive SUV look. Let’s see what’s more with the looks of this rugged and reliable SUV.

  • The pair of chrome bars on the grille is a distinctive element and symbolizes the identity of the brand. The large grille and honeycomb mesh design is very modern and gives the vehicle a bold look.
  • The sporty and elegant black bezel surrounds the trapezoidal headlamps that taper at the outer ends and form an edgy front end. The highlighted pleats on the hood and door panels give it a very sophisticated look.
  • The wide wheel arches, machine-cut alloy wheels, and body-color bumpers with nominal black coating add strength to the car while making it a premium-style SUV. The large taillights are a combination of elegance and sportiness.
  • The two-tone beige interiors with the black top dash and two-tone seat fabric not only add style and comfort to the car, but also add to the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Terrano in Performance

Like other SUVs like the Duster, EcoSport, and Quanto, a 1.5-liter dCi engine powers the Terrano and delivers a power rating of 110 hp at 3900 RPM along with 248 Nm at 2250 RPM. However, the 1.6-liter gasoline engine in Terrano produces 104 PS of power at 5850 RPM along with a torque of 145 Nm at 3750 RPM. Nissan has recently told reporters that if demand increases, they will most likely come up with the (automatic) CVT.

The other face

Enthusiasts will love this sturdy vehicle, but for commuters it will be a bit cumbersome, especially if used in a busy, metropolitan city. Heavy steering and more parking-related problems, particularly when space is limited, make it a bit uncomfortable. But the added safety feature, where Nissan offers driver-side airbag that is standard across the range, definitely draws the thumb up. With all these features and fuel efficiency, plus a good gearbox lineup, Terrano is ready to impress people and hit the road soon.

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