Is there such a thing as perfect timing?

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Today I am reflecting on the weather. I’ve had things take shape that have taken ten years to manifest. My first book, originally written in April 1996, was published by myself in 2006. I am understanding the money problems that have been around for at least that long, if not longer. I am in a relationship that is everything I ever wanted, and I have been consciously praying and working energetically to manifest myself since the early 80’s.

Then I think about the manifestations of my previous years: my two children were planned pregnancies that happened effortlessly, with quick deliveries, but they had their own moment to be born.

Why do some things happen quickly and others take forever to appear?

As a teenager, I lost 50 pounds, simply noting what I ate, limiting calories, and walking to and from school every day (about 5 or 6 miles). It took me almost a year to do this, and it was tremendously transformative and empowering.

Encouraged by this experience, I set my sights on a relationship, which took about five months to get the boy to date me. At first it was wonderful but then heartbreaking.

As I look back at my different life experiences, some manifested consciously, some were unconsciously drawn, and there has been a sense of what I used to call Divine Time in all of this.

“The Universe gives you what you can handle” is one way I used to see it. You attract what you are prepared for, it is another way. I resisted what I thought the Universe was giving me; sometimes I’d say “you think I’m too fucking capable.”

But now I have a different perspective as Consciousness, rethinking my experience of synchronization and also of manifestation.

It is not the Universe giving me anything, it is me as Consciousness creating everything that I experience in the physical.

Someone once mentioned that reincarnation didn’t make any sense to them because everything was happening at once. I got the instant realization that there is no time or space like Consciousness, so from the perspective of Consciousness, all past and future lives are happening “at the same time” as this. There is no linear link between the past and the future, it is not like moving up a grade in school. And if you can understand that in Consciousness there is no individuality, then there really isn’t a single spark of light going through a series of experiences (like grades in school). As aspects of Consciousness, we simply jump into the pond of life, splash around, and then jump into the All That Is.

As I reconcile that it took me so long to get to where I am, I realize that it really didn’t take any time. Every life is just the blink of an eye. And what I have accomplished in this is just a glimpse of the great Spark of all creation.

As I relax into a perspective of creating as Consciousness, it doesn’t really matter how much or how little I have accomplished. It’s about creation. It is about creating in a playful way in the physical. Either I manifest something or I don’t. Either it happens now, or later, or it doesn’t. I believe this or I believe something else. And I can choose to create happy thoughts, happy experiences, or challenging experiences.

When I move on to navigate through life as Consciousness, what appears is larger than my little mind can imagine.

And when you add the consciousness of Parallel Universes to the mix, you realize that you, as Consciousness, are simultaneously experiencing other possibilities within this story. There is a parallel self that has experienced success before in life, there is a parallel self that is already experiencing whatever it is that I want to create right now.

Whatever you want to create, it already exists, you just need to enter the Universe where you already have it.

It becomes a much more fun way to experience life. And I can welcome all these wonderful things that come into my life and enjoy my time with them now. Which is really the only time there is.

Revised 2017, Original Issue 2009

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