I’m going to start this off with a very simple, yet bold promise. No matter how skeptical, cynical, or jaded you are about the niche and hyperbole of “earning income online,” the content and concepts below CAN make you real money, starting right now.

In fact, I really don’t know of a better way to take $10 and literally transform it into $1200 or MORE, with very little time, effort, or expense, than the simple method I’ll share with you below.

Everyone knows that domain switching or domain management… has made a lot of people exceptionally wealthy. Domainering is a bit more risky and involves buying and selling high value domains. Changing domains is usually low risk, as you buy old or outdated sites, spruce them up a bit, and then sell them again. (typically in global directories like Flippa and others)

But there is an even BETTER way to make money very quickly without any risk that uses the same underlying principles, but is much safer and less stressful, AND it can also help you generate an incredible amount of excitement for your business.

Filed Under: Focus fiercely on creating HYPERlocal online assets where you currently live, work or play, and sell these assets (or services) to REAL world professional people in your community.

For example?

As I’ve shared many times before on my own blog, the first 2K sale I ever made online was NOT an affiliate product or program, or some dumb guru product launch…although, I’m not too proud to admit, I did try a bit of that for a while.

Instead, he was registering a hyperlocal domain name, in a HIGH value market (cosmetic dentistry) and selling that domain, along with simple back-end services, to a doctor who wanted the site, without having to do any of the heavy lifting himself.

I literally turned $10 (the cost of the domain) into $1000, with $1000 in built-in back-end services that took me a few hours to fulfill each month.

Getting to $300 a day in profit using this model is VERY easy and very consistent.

You need a combination of sites to sell to and services to sweeten the pot, both for YOU and your ideal audience of local professionals.

Look at how many YELP-like reviews there are in your local market right now…with REAL professionals who have a TERRIBLE, bad, or even NO website in their current community. Plumbers, contractors, designers, gas stations, repair stations, and tons of HIGH level professionals too.

All you need to do to monetize this marketplace is PROACTIVELY register domain names that have empirical value in these marketplaces, and create small turnkey assets that have INSTANT appeal to the people who need what you’ve built, and who can easily pay a few hundred bucks up front…and quite often, will also pay you to maintain the sites for months. (turning a $300 sale, often into a continuity CASH cow, especially if you have a lot of these that repeat each month)

Not including, of course… referrals, consulting offers and all the other business that will naturally migrate your way, once you establish a portfolio of properties for local professionals and are seen as the “agency” to go to when you need to build buzz for your online business.

Don’t let 2014 turn into another year of big dreams and disappointing results. Turn your PASSION for marketing and energy for entrepreneurship into a REAL business that can make you rich! (no gimmicks or gurus necessary)!

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