For tennis players who want to get in tennis shape, foam rollers are one of the best tools to get there. Foam roller is a great technique to improve your performance as a tennis player. Foam roller exercises are the most economical alternative to increase energy levels and aid in recovery from tennis fitness.

A foam roller is a cylindrical cone of strong foam that can be easily placed between your body and the floor. Tennis players can place their body on the foam roller and use their body weight to roll back and forth. This position puts pressure on the underlying muscles and tissues, which in turn releases muscle tension.

Why should tennis players use foam rollers?
During tennis fitness training, tennis practice and matches, the body is challenged in many ways. For all players, it is important to develop and maintain a healthy muscle and joint range of motion. Muscle tension can restrict range of motion, and it can become difficult and painful to move a joint. Joint restriction affects neural feedback to the central nervous system. When neuromuscular efficiency is compromised, there can be risks of tissue overload, fatigue, faulty movement patterns that can affect movement, flexibility, and overall tennis fitness.

Regular foam roller exercises can help release tension in the myofascial (muscle and fascia) system. Helps muscles return to their original length; takes pressure off joints, prevents injuries and helps players achieve the desired fitness level for tennis.

Benefits of exercising with foam rollers

Enhancement at the Cellular level: The improvement in blood circulation with regular foam rolling exercise results in a much better exchange of nutrients and waste products at the cellular level.

Prevention of common injuries: One of the benefits of doing a regular foam rolling routine is the prevention of common injuries. Doing foam roller exercises every day ensures the massage and release of muscle tension and fascia buildup in the muscles to help prevent injury.

Helps reduce tension.: Tension is caused by many reasons, such as stress, training or incorrect postures, some impact or trauma or it can be due to poor nutrition and hydration. Spending a few minutes on a foam roller every day can help reduce the stress on a tennis player’s body and help them get into better tennis fitness, due to the fact that they will physically be able to get more out of their training. Body.

Improved flexibility: Flexibility is the key to a complete tennis workout routine. A tennis player needs to do regular stretching and exercises to gain flexibility. Foam roller exercises can help reduce muscle tension and will improve flexibility.

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