cosmetic injectables course sydney

cosmetic injectables course

With national spending on cosmetic injectables estimated to reach $1 billion in 2020, Australia’s aesthetic industry is booming. Doctors are able to offer clients a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including medical grade dermal fillers and sclerotherapy. However, it is important that doctors are fully trained in these techniques to ensure safe and effective outcomes for their patients. This is why many choose to complete a cosmetic injectables course Sydney to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to safely administer these popular aesthetic procedures.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (TGA) regulates the manufacture, distribution and supply of therapeutic goods. The TGA investigates reports of non-compliance and takes appropriate regulatory action to protect the public. This may include education and support, seizure and destruction of unapproved products, fines and court proceedings. The TGA also encourages people to report suspected non-compliance by using their online reporting system.

cosmetic injectables course Sydney are Schedule 4 pharmaceutical substances and can only be administered by qualified healthcare professionals. Nurses need to have a formal qualification in nursing and be registered with AHPRA to perform this procedure. The 52852WA Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables is a recognised qualification that provides Nurses with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely administer cosmetic injectables.

cosmetic injectables course sydney

This comprehensive cosmetic injectables course Sydney teaches nurses how to assess a client’s facial anatomy and plan an injection treatment that will achieve the desired results. The program covers the anatomy of the skin, underlying muscles and soft tissue, blood vessels, nerves and bones. Students will learn how to select the correct product for each individual patient, prepare the injection site and inject using a variety of techniques. They will also be taught the safety issues and protocols for the use of these products.

On day two, students will practice on a number of live paying patients. They will be supervised by an experienced RN, allowing them to gain confidence in performing cosmetic neurotoxin treatments. In addition, they will be introduced to dermal filler techniques. Students will be required to complete a number of case studies and must correctly calculate the amount of product required per area. They will also be required to choose the correct dosage/units for each injectable and accurately mark, prepare and treat injection sites.

The final day of the cosmetic injectables course focuses on advanced dermal filler techniques such as lip augmentation and cheek augmentation. In addition, learners will be exposed to the correct use of dental block anaesthesia for lip treatments. They will also be expected to formulate a full face assessment that includes both neurotoxin and dermal filler therapy to achieve the desired result for the client. This will require them to understand how each product can be used in combination with each other and the pharmacological properties of the products to achieve the best possible results. The course is highly interactive, with emphasis placed on clinical reasoning and application of theory to real world situations.

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