Adopting a golden retriever puppy

Who doesn’t love a golden retriever puppy? The perfect family dog ​​is also the perfect family puppy. Maybe you want the perfect exercise partner or hunting companion? Perhaps you want to prepare the perfect service or guide dog, or an agility or obedience champion? Then you want to learn more about adopting golden retriever puppies.

Do you want to buy or adopt a golden retriever puppy? Can you adopt a purebred puppy? Goldens are such a popular breed that a purebred puppy is easy to adopt. There are even organizations like shelters and rescue groups that specialize in rescuing goldens and making them available for adoption. Other good places to start your search are ASPCA and Adopting a dog generally carries a fee of $ 100 to $ 300, and puppies are generally more expensive. However, this fee is cheaper than the cost of buying a puppy and the money will go to the shelter. Most shelters are non-profit organizations, so your fee will help maintain the shelter and help other animals in need. Also, shelter dogs have had a more frequent medical checkup and some degree of socialization.

Why would you buy from a breeder? Buying a golden retriever puppy from a breeder is more expensive. If you’re lucky, you can find someone who sells gold puppies for as little as $ 150. A breeder might start selling puppies for $ 250 at the lower end of the scale. If you want a light cream colored golden retriever puppy with champion bloodlines from a reputable breeder, you could pay upwards of $ 2,000. Buying from a breeder will allow you to examine the pedigree of the dog you are buying. This is especially important with goldens, as their most common health problems are genetic in nature. A reputable breeder will have documents certifying the health of their goldens. Parents of a puppy must be OFA certified for hip dysplasia. Also look for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certification for knees and heart, and CERF certification for eyes. Finally, breeders can offer a puppy guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, you can return your pet.

How do you choose the right puppy? It is a great advantage to spend time with the parents of a puppy. That way, you can assess your puppy’s future appearance, personality, and health. A golden puppy will generally have a lighter coat, and by looking at his ears, you can determine the color of your future dog. Which puppy do you choose? By spending time with the litter, you can assess the personality of the puppies. Look for puppies in the center of the group, who do not act too aggressive or submissive. What cute puppies are running towards you? Finally, spend time alone with each puppy. Gently pick up your puppy and try to pet him. Does the puppy enjoy your company? Are you scared by sudden noises and movements?

Prepare for the arrival of your puppy. Golden retrievers like to chew, so have some chew toys ready ahead of time. Protect your puppy home at your dog’s height by removing toxins and sharp objects. Golds like exercise and human interaction, and remember that your pup will grow into a big dog. Older puppies can be given overeating, but growing puppies need their food. Don’t be afraid to feed your puppy real meat; some owners even recommend it in place of commercial dog food. Be prepared for weekly brushing; Goldens are not ideal dogs for people with sensitive allergies. Goldens are known to be intelligent dogs and learn faster with positive training. Lastly, take care of your best friend’s health. Start with an annual checkup with the vet.

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