Homestays allow travelers to stopover with all the amenities, comfort (for whatever length of time they plan to stay) and discover the highs and lows of Uttarakhand at an affordable price. Experience the unique feeling while interacting with people from different traditions and cultures while staying with a homestay in Uttarakhand.

Many families in Uttarakhand, staying in remote villages, have opened their home to welcome tourists. You can find a homestay in beautiful remote hilly locations surrounded by picturesque landscapes often seen painted on canvas. You can witness the beauty of this place by visiting homestays in Nainital, Bhimtal or other hilly destinations in Uttarakhand.

The hilly destination of Nainital is one of the most visited destinations in India. This peaceful valley is famous for its centrally located lake. To regain lost peace, Nainital promises a perfect recluse for visitors surrounded by majestic mountains and sparkling Naini Lake.

As Nainital is a popular hill station in Uttarakhand, it is crowded with people throughout the year. Finding comfortable accommodation may not be easy. You can be subject to a lot of noise when you choose to stay in the city. To relax, choose to stay in homestays that are located in remote locations far from the city.

Built on the slopes of the mountains, a Nainital homestay is surrounded by orchards, farms and colorful flowery areas. These places provide shelter for many species of birds, which are seen fluttering with their sweet chirps that intoxicate the misty atmosphere. This celestial sphere is a delight for both the eyes and the ears, releasing the feeling of happiness. You can go hiking or enjoy bird watching on these quiet getaways.

Home cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served village style with the host family. Locally grown vegetables are used to make delicious Indian and local cuisine. The fruits are also freshly plucked and served to the guests.

The rooms of a homestay in Nainital are clean, spacious and tastefully decorated with wooden furniture. Each room has a modern attached bathroom with a geyser and a shower. Privacy is the main priority that a guest can enjoy. The rooms have TV, DVD and air conditioning/heating. If the weather is too cold, you can also find a seat near a fireplace with burning logs to keep you warm. Spend the day lazing around in bed or going hiking to lighten your mood. Enjoy the feeling of peace and luxury.

The places to visit that can be enjoyed in Nainital are:

– Sit by the lake or enjoy a boating experience amid serene beauty. At night, the lights from the surrounding hotel play a magical rhythm on the water of Lake Naini.

– When in Nainital watch the sun disappear behind the mountains, at Hanuman Garhi.

– This is one of the most enchanting views not to be missed.

– Naini Peak is the highest point of Nainital. A trekking expedition, through the pine and cedar forest, up to this peak offers an enchanting experience.

– Bargain at the Tibetan market or Mall Road shops to get your heart’s desire. These shopping places are a ladies’ delight.

– Visit the well-maintained Nainital Zoo to see some of the most beautiful species of animals and birds.

For a bit of adventure and fun, head to the interconnected natural caves at Eco Cave Garden. These caves resemble the habitats of a tiger, a panther, a bat, a squirrel, an ape, and a flying fox.

There is a rock climbing spot at Barah Patthar that welcomes enthusiasts to reach the top of the mountain. You can also sign up for the 7-day camp to learn rock climbing, mountain biking, and river crossing.

The hilly regions of Uttarakhand have always attracted the interest of tourists looking for opportunities to mingle with the locals. These places are rich in cultural heritage and natural habitats which are protected by communities while offering you a healthy homestay in Uttarakhand. These renowned homestays will give you maximum pleasure to make your trip a pleasant and memorable experience.

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