3 Ways You Can Make Your Wife Like Giving You Oral Sex

Hey man,

I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to make your wife like giving you oral sex. First, the question is: why doesn’t she like to give you oral sex right now? Here are a couple of reasons that prevent his wife from giving him oral sex:

1. You’re an animal, and when she gives you oral sex, you shove it down her throat like a raging bull. Stop doing that, it makes her throw up. She can’t deep throat, yet.

2. You are too hairy. Hey, it’s not easy giving a guy oral sex when the pubic hair stays on his tongue and between his teeth all the time. So go shave, shit and shower. He will help him get more oral from his wife.

3. She is very bad at it. She’s bad at giving oral, and she knows it. So she doesn’t want to humiliate herself in front of you. That could be the case, but it probably isn’t.

4. He thinks that giving you oral sex is not worth it. Your “ROI from blowjob” is simply not worth it. So she doesn’t want to invest in that “stock”. More on that later.

If your wife has ever given you oral sex in the past and then stopped once you got married, or at some point over the years, it’s probably because of reason #4. You became BORED, and probably too lazy to please her. She doesn’t see the benefit of giving you oral. Why?” or “What’s in it for me?” just isn’t big enough. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Sure, some women love to give their guy oral sex, but they love it for a REASON. Here are a couple of reasons why women like to give orally:

1. It makes them feel powerful to give oral sex to a powerful man. If you have power, you get more oral sex. It is a fact. I could prove it to you with a mathematical calculation.

2. If she LOVES this guy and wants to make sure he doesn’t look for oral sex elsewhere.

3. If she is a natural “pleaser” and loves to “serve” other people, giving makes her feel good about herself.

4. She’s really good at it, and people like to do what they’re good at. Especially if she makes you love her for it.

So how do you use this information to your advantage? And how do you get your wife to like giving you oral sex and stop doing it as a “homework” or “job” on your anniversary?

1. Get more powerful. Work on yourself to be good at something. Earn more money, do everything you can to become more self-confident. This will make you more attractive to other women, which will also make you more attractive to your wife. Which will make her feel insecure and she will want to give you oral sex for fear of losing you.

2. Exercise. Women would rather give oral sex to a fit guy than a 300 pound pig. Lose stomach. It will give you more oral sex and you will feel better about yourself. Don’t be lazy.

3. Eat it. Better than ever. It’s the rule of reciprocity, if you eat her like a champ, she’ll feel compelled to “pay” you. Don’t expect to get anything if you don’t give her anything, especially if what you give is worse than what she can get on average from any other guy.

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