Do you want to rent a movie and cuddle with your sweetie? Well, the movie you choose can help you set the mood for a little action of your own, so choose wisely. Read through these movie genres and how they make people react to get an idea of ​​what kind to rent.

Horror movies

Interestingly, research has found that these movies actually put people in a loving mood. Why? The suspense on the edge of your seat increases our heart rate and makes us feel excited. With the right person, that emotion can easily be transformed into passion. Some great options are “28 Days Later,” “Dawn of the Dead,” and “Psycho.”

Romantic comedies

Women especially tend to feel affectionate after watching a romantic comedy. The lighthearted story, along with the happy ending, usually leads to a good mood and an overall sense of romance. Good choices include “When Harry Met Sally,” “Someone Like You,” and “Pretty Woman.”

Action and suspense

Like horror movies, action movies tend to get our blood pumping, which means we’re in a state of excitement. Action movies often make men feel energetic and powerful, and women often enjoy staring at handsome male action stars. If you want an action movie, try “Die Hard”, “True Lies” or the “Indiana Jones” trilogy.

After putting on the DVD and turning off the lights, don’t forget to snuggle up close to your date and share a bowl of popcorn. You might want someone close to you to hold onto when zombies start invading the city or when Bruce Willis takes on the bad guys.

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