Toyota, the world’s second-largest automaker, is proud to be the title sponsor of the recent Environmental Media Awards. The latter is a prestigious event aimed at promoting awareness of environmental issues. The gala event showcased an inexhaustible source of stars and celebrities from film, music and television.

Past honorees of the environmental awards include Daryl Hannah, Cameron Diaz, Edward Norton, and shows like The Simpsons, Grey’s Anatomy, and Lilo & Stitch. “Entertainment is a powerful vehicle for raising awareness of environmental issues,” said Dian Ogilvie, senior vice president and chief environmental officer, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. “Creative teams honored with an Environmental Media Award are inspiring people to think and act in ways that benefit our planet. “

Toyota is the world leader in hybrid technology. It has launched several hybrid cars to help reduce air pollution. Toyota and its other division called Lexus, offered five hybrids in the United States. These hybrids are for the SUV, midsize sedan and sports car segments. In summary, Toyota hybrid vehicles help save more than 150 gallons of gasoline in America. In addition, it has avoided more than 3 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

Toyota’s hybrid sales are led by Prius, which had a total of 500,000 sales worldwide in April. By 2006, Toyota is expected to sell more than 100,000 Prius in the United States. Toyota Prius accessories and performance parts have now been enhanced to enhance its new feature called Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Hybrid Synergy Drive is also integrated into the hybrid version for Toyota Highlander OEM parts. The hybrid crossover SUV with such a feature was first unveiled at the North American International Show in 2004.

The third hybrid in Toyota’s lineup is the Camry Hybrid. The hybrid version for the automaker’s sedan was introduced for the 2007 model year in May 2006. Auto parts for Toyota Camry Hybrid use a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with electric motors to generate a peak of 187 horsepower. . The Camry Hybrid is also equipped with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive.

Highlander and Camry hybrids are 70 percent cleaner for smog-forming emissions compared to today’s average new vehicles. “Worldwide, Toyota plans to offer hybrid engines in many of our products and we have set a goal of one million hybrids by 2010,” said Dian Ogilvie. “We have made a great commitment to this technology because it gives people a way to drive what they want, but it produces less emissions and at the same time gets more fuel consumption.”

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