White Collar Criminal Lawyers

Generally speaking, a white-collar criminal defense attorney is a member of an elite group of lawyers called criminal attorneys. These attorneys in turn, usually engage in all forms of lawful practices and, as such, need high levels of specialized legal training and experience in order to successfully practice law before the various court of law. While most attorneys who work within this specialized area of the law may have past experiences dealing with similar cases, it is important for these new lawyers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the white collar crime laws of their region and the unique characteristics of each case they will likely face as an attorney before taking their cases to the courtroom. Below are several of the primary objectives of Dallas white collar criminal lawyers:

The primary goal of a Dallas criminal attorney is to provide his or her client’s effective legal representation. This type of representation involves an attorney that will undertake the necessary actions to protect his or her client’s constitutional rights and to ensure that the defendant is properly represented during the course of the case. Specifically, such an attorney will advise his or her clients on the best course of action in terms of facing their alleged offense. Additionally, the white collar criminal attorney will also aid his or her client in any way that is necessary to preserve the legal rights of the client and to avoid the unnecessary complications that can result from agreeing to a plea bargain. As such, the lawyer will be a key player in determining whether or not his or her client should accept a plea bargain in which the charge could be reduced or even completely dismissed.


Because the government is willing to offer many plea bargain deals to white collar criminal lawyers, it is imperative for such attorneys to obtain the best advice that is available. A knowledgeable, white collar criminal attorney will be able to fully investigate all aspects of a particular case and determine the best course of action for his or her client. Additionally, such a legal expert will be able to secure the best outcome for his or her client by working closely with the prosecutors and judges in the case.

The Importance of White Collar Criminal Lawyers

The first step that any white collar criminal lawyers will take when they are defending a client is to determine whether or not the person is guilty of the crime in question. Once this crucial step has been completed, the white collar criminal lawyers will then proceed to analyze all the facts surrounding the case. In many instances, such critical analysis will lead the defense attorney to the exact circumstances that led to the commission of the alleged offense. Moreover, such critical analysis will enable the white collar criminal lawyers to avoid any pretrial motions or to have any evidence admitted at trial that would weaken the case of his or her client. Such critical analysis is an essential component of the white collar criminal lawyers’ job.

Another task that any good white collar legal representative will undertake is to build a comprehensive and powerful case portfolio. Such a case portfolio will be composed of the most relevant facts that will establish the guilt or innocence of the client and will convince the jury or judge of the defendant’s innocence. Many successful criminal defense attorneys have the ability to create such impressive case portfolios.

Finally, a good white-collar defense attorney will make sure that his client obtains the very best possible outcome for his or her case. He or she will do everything in his or her power to increase the defendant’s chances of obtaining a fair trial and of getting a just and appropriate sentence. In many instances, a good attorney will use all of the legal means at his or her disposal to try to obtain the maximum sentence for his or her client. If a defendant has already served time for a criminal conviction, the criminal defense attorney will often seek to have the conviction thrown out on appeal. If the defendant has no prior record of criminal activity, the white collar defense attorney will do everything in his or her power to try to get the maximum penalty imposed on the client.

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