The 9 questions you should ask a boy to know if he is the one for you

Let’s be honest, most women feel like they are at a disadvantage when dating men. Invariably dating is an enigma and we have no idea what we are doing. As much as we try to sound like we know how to seduce men, the reality is that we are breaking our butts until we have a successful date.

Dating is not about a guy liking you, he should already like you, you are a queen! Dating is also not about letting a man take the lead. You must take your kidneys and keep your cards close to your chest.

If you want to date a guy, he’s already attracted to you, so all you need to do is assess whether he’s compatible with you. Below is a dating plan that you can use to help you figure out if a guy is a match for you.

Think about the questions you can use to

I show your confidence

2 shows you want a relationship

3 show you want children (if you want children)

4 proof he’s single

5 prove he’s not a misogynist

6 prove you’re not a criminal

7 shows that he encourages a woman to pursue her dreams and her career

8. Show that you are goal oriented and want to get places in your life.

9 prove he’s not jealous

These are examples of some of the questions you should ask, but what you ask will largely depend on what you want from a guy. If you want a man who does not have children, you will have to ask questions that lead to the truth. Now, don’t take what a man says as a gospel, you must constantly be testing his honesty and integrity. Every time you ask a question, be sure to follow up with a similar question in a different context to get to the truth. We all get ahead when we go out, and men will say just about anything to get their pants on as quickly as possible. That is why you should evaluate for several weeks and several dates (that is, more than 3) before doing a physical with a boy.

Don’t be like most women who stop getting screened early because they hate dating and just want to be in a relationship. Men know that women hate dating and they use it as ammunition. Be smart and date your head, not your heart.

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