Siberia has several glaciers that are very important to the Earth’s biosphere. These glaciers have now been found to be melting, and indeed it can have devastating effects. The main reason frost melts is global warming.

However, scientists did not expect it to happen so quickly. Now they think they might have been wrong in calculating the amount of greenhouse gases like methane that are released into the atmosphere as permafrost melts. As the temperature rises, glaciers and frost will melt even more.

Furthermore, reports from Antarctica show that levels of carbon dioxide in the environment are increasing at an alarming rate. In Siberia, methane is the biggest problem as the levels shown are very high. Methane can be produced in the soil also due to the decomposition of bacteria. However, in different environments like Siberia and Arctic, which are permafrost regions, methane-producing bacteria tend to get trapped in the soil. Over thousands of years, this methane turns into gas deposits.

In Siberia, it has been estimated that more than 450 billion tons of methane and carbon dioxide could be trapped in frozen ground. However, if the ice in Siberia or the Arctic melts, these gases would be released into the atmosphere. As a result, global warming can occur at a rapid rate and we will soon see our end faster than we expected. The sea level will rise ridiculously and half the world will collapse due to extreme weather conditions.

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