Clothing is one of the most popular items you can sell on eBay. Every day ordinary people make extra money buying and selling the best-selling clothing brands on eBay. When I started selling online on eBay in 2009, the money flew by. I was shopping for inventory every day at my favorite consignment store. A pair of Lucky jeans with worn cuffs would sell for $ 60 or more. The competition has become fierce ever since.

Start with a brand that you are already familiar with. Take American Eagle as an example. You have a great pair of her skinny jeans that is now one size too small and you decide to sell them. Do your research first. Go to eBay and type in American Eagle Skinny Jeans Size 6 and then refine your search by showing only the completed listings.

Items listed in green (by price) are those that have been sold. Items listed in red did not sell. Ignore items that did not sell. Usually those are too expensive. Focus on items similar to yours that have been sold. Take note of the condition. Is there visible wear? Any defect? Worn cuffs? Also, keep an eye out for keywords that successful marketers included in their title and description.

If you sell jeans, you need to know what style they are. Are they thin or thin? Low-waisted or high-waisted? Familiarize yourself with clothing terms like rise and crotch. You also need to learn to describe washing jeans. Light or dark? Some brands will have the wash written on the care label, as well as a date code showing the season and year the jeans were made. Not sure what the codes mean? Look for those. There are some buyers who are very specific about what items they are buying. Do your research ahead of time.

Take quality photos on your smartphone

You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for an expensive digital camera. Just use your phone to take the pictures. Edit photos with the Edit feature on your phone. I use my Apple iPhone to take very flattering photos. I can post directly to eBay right from my phone.

Find the best jeans to sell on eBay

Jeans for men that are high-end brands can bring you a lot of money. Women’s jeans will sell, but the markup is slightly lower. Men are less likely to return jeans. You can and will make money selling jeans, but expect wild looks and roll your eyes when you tell your friends about your plan. Ignore them. I started selling jeans on eBay in 2009 and have sold thousands of pairs of jeans, shorts, and skirts. Look for these top brands:

Diesel: jeans for men and women, made mainly in Italy. Authentic with photos. The jeans sell for $ 10 to $ 210 on eBay. There are many fake disels on the market. A pair of SAFADO style New With Tags (abbreviated NWT on eBay) in Dirty New Age (dark wash, slim and straight) recently sold for $ 210 on eBay. Those are men’s jeans. Original vs. Fake Diesel Jeans – Original jeans are made of higher quality material. You can feel the difference. Diesel was started in 1978 by Renzo Rossi. The most popular men’s styles are Zathan, a slim boot cut jean, and Thanz, a straight leg slim fit. Women’s styles include Liv, a low-rise straight leg, Matic, low-rise skinny jeans, and Low sky, which has a straighter leg cut and a lower rise.

True Religion: It retails for $ 15 to $ 300 on eBay, depending on style and condition. True Religion was founded in 2002 in California. It is considered high-end denim. There are many knockoffs on the market, so add photographic details and close-ups to authenticate the jeans. The best-selling style online is Super T. True Religion brands are known for their oversized white stitching. Jeans are made in the USA unlike many other popular brands.

Hudson – Founded by Peter Kim, a Los Angeles surfer, yogi, and cyclist in 2002. Look for the Union Jack label and V-button pocket (triangle back pocket). Hudson jeans symbolize a proud spirit of defiance. These sell from $ 10.49 to $ 85 on eBay, depending on condition and style. If you can find jeans that are NWT (New with Tags), always get a clear photo of the tags to increase the sale price.

Paige – First launched in February 2005 in high-end retail stores, founded by Paige Adams-Geller, who is the only founder in denim history. These are high-end jeans with styles like Skyline Skinny and Avalon Hidden Hills Bootcut. There are even some amazing skinny maternity jeans with built-in panels for women to look great during pregnancy. My favorite Paige style is the Skyline Skinny in Carson.

BKE: Buckle-made jeans for men and women from $ 20 to $ 250 on eBay

Vintage Levi’s: A pair of Levi’s from 1890 sold for over $ 36,000 on eBay. The jeans come from a mine in the Rand Mining District in CA’s Mojave Desert. The seller uploaded the list with data to authenticate the jeans’ origin, including an explanation of the wax drips from the miner’s light candles. Levi’s typically sell for $ 15.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle – These aren’t considered high-end, but these brands are popular. My favorite brand is American Eagle, especially AE Artist jeans. American Eagle clothing is well made and sells well. Certain styles that have been discontinued like Real Flare are still in demand. If you can find quality items and get them at great prices, you will make money on eBay.

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