Q: How do psychics get information about my future?

The truth is, no one really knows. There are many exotic theories about psychics and esp, mind reading, ashkashic records, spirit guides, guardian angels, astrology and more … but the fact is that the workings of psychic abilities remain a mystery.

But, one thing we DO know, without a doubt, is THIS:

Precognition, and the ability to predict the future, has been proven in more cases than even the toughest and most staunch skeptic can count. (of course they will try to deny it … but any reasonable person MUST conclude that psychic abilities are as real as the noses on all of our faces)

And ESP? Is it possible to read minds?

Believe it or not, there is a lot of evidence that ESP, or ESP, is a natural, innate ability that EVERYONE has. Remote viewing, for example … or the ability to see things from a distance, has been tested over 1000 times on ordinary people off the street, by REAL scientists (including the US military and the CIA) and it has been proven by the probabilities that they are impossible to explain.

Mind reading is another very common explanation of psychic ability, and I think it can be done … but don’t think it explains how the best psychics and mediums operate.

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Through my own experience of approximately 300 readings over the last decade, and countless other experiences and adventures in spiritual worlds and windows, I believe that ALL energy and information is “stored” in the Universe in a way that most of us We just can’t access it under normal circumstances.

BUT – a psychic or psychic or gifted clairvoyant is simply more sensitive to energy and information, and can pick up on things that ordinary people cannot. (or at least, no … in most circumstances)

Just as certain animals have an innate ability to tune in to this information … a psychic or medium has a natural sensitivity to the vibration of this energy and the information that emanates from it.

Sounds silly … or creepy?

Should not! Have you ever read the story or watched some of the videos of the THOUSANDS of animals that ran to higher ground during the Asian Tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people? They knew and felt what the most intricate technology could not. (and got out of harm’s way several hours before the first man-made instrument could tell what was coming)

Or, of course, the cases of animals that seem to see spirits or react to things in the environment that WE cannot see.

  1. I believe that some special people have the gift of being able to pick up on these same vibrations, and the energy and invisible force that surrounds us ALL, all the time!
  2. When we die, our energy simply changes shape and frequency and continues elsewhere.
  3. A good medium is simply to capture that and channel what you see, hear, or feel.
  4. I think YOUR life story is already largely written, and the information lives in the universe.

A good psychic just taps into that field and can see your life as it unfolds … your life, your loves, its ups and downs, your obstacles, your path and purpose, and it just takes you where you need to be to LIVE. a life that you should love (that fundamentally we all are).

Make sense? For some of you, I know the above sounds too new age … or crazy to believe. (And I was once one of you!) But for others, who have had the incredible experience of interacting with people who can see and feel the future, who can see and speak with spirits, and who can help reveal YOUR path to purpose and passion, it makes PERFECTLY good sense for you!

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