Not only is a rash on the penis likely to cause itching and discomfort; It also creates embarrassment for men who hope to make a good impression by revealing their sexual equipment to a partner. Since preventing penile rash (and treating it when it occurs) is essential for good penis health, it is worth knowing the possible causes, including the fact that it may be due to an allergic reaction.

Sensitive penis skin

The skin of the penis is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. It is generally thinner than skin on other parts of the body and is also laden with nerve endings. Both factors increase the organ’s susceptibility to allergic reactions.

So what are some of the most common allergic causes of penis rash?

– Laundry products. While no statistics are kept on such things, it is very likely that the most common allergic reaction to the skin of the penis is related to the use of laundry products. Many detergents and fabric softeners are loaded with chemicals designed to create a fresher, cleaner smell in fabrics. But the fragrances used for this purpose can be anathema to the delicate skin of the penis. The use of unscented products, with the mildest ingredients, is recommended for men with a rash on the penis.

– Soap. Similarly, some soaps are too harsh for the penis. What is needed is a soap or body wash that cleanses but does not contain strong perfumes, or does not exceed the “antibacterial” promise. Bacteria removal is important, but sometimes soaps use chemicals that are too harsh to accomplish this goal.

– Expensive. Some metals can create an allergic reaction, and this is especially true of nickel. Nickel is widely used in jewelry, so if a couple wears a ring containing it while stroking a man’s penis, a reaction can occur. This is also true if a man wears a penis ring that contains nickel in its mix of metals. More indirectly, the buttons on buttoned jeans may contain nickel.

– Pollen. Nature is wonderful, but at certain times of the year it can be too good. Pollen, for example, or tall grasses, can create a rash on sensitive skin, and this is also true on the skin of the penis. You don’t have to be a naturist, wandering naked through a field, to fall for this; pollen can often get onto the penis despite clothing.

– Insect repellent. It is important to keep mosquitoes and other insects away, especially during the summer, but a man must be careful; when applying the spray near your crotch. The harshness of these chemicals can easily lead to a rash if you’re not careful.

– condoms. Sad to say, some men have an allergic reaction to latex, so covering the penis with a condom made from latex is likely to produce a severe reaction, usually very quickly. Men with this particular allergic reaction should be careful when using latex-free condoms. On a different note, some couples experiment with flavored condoms, often without consequences. However, men should be aware that ingredients used to provide a pleasant taste can cause some penises to “pop”.

A rash on the penis due to an allergic reaction should be treated immediately, first by identifying the cause of the reaction and then by stopping contact with that trigger. Meanwhile, men should also start the healing process and stop the itching that results from the rash by employing a superior penis health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) regularly. Dry, sore skin needs to be rehydrated, so using a cream with a combination of powerful moisturizing ingredients like natural shea butter and vitamin E is absolutely key. In addition, the skin needs to be revitalized by using a cream with alpha lipoic acid, a necessary antioxidant that fights free radicals that cause damage to the cells of the penis and slow down the healing process.

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