Having your own commercial cleaning franchise may seem like a very promising idea, but it does involve careful and strategic planning and decision making to maximize your business growth potential.

And the first key decision you need to make is choosing the right commercial cleaning franchise.

Some franchises promise a high return on investment, while others promise full advertising support. While these factors are definitely very important, they are not that powerful in isolation. You have to find a franchise that offers you “the complete package” before you can make a decision.

Here are the key success factors to pay attention to that will help you be successful in any commercial cleaning franchise.

1. The overall reputation of the cleaning business.

This makes a lot of common sense. If the franchise has a good reputation with your existing clients, it will be much easier to find clients of your own in your area.

You can use customer testimonials and referrals to help you get started, then build your own loyal customer base to keep attracting new customers.

2. Support for business development.

It is important that the franchise owner gives you 100% support to ensure your business is successful in the long run. Business development support includes: training and seminars, advice on the best locations to establish your business, and comprehensive market research statistics.

3. Marketing support: experience and materials.

Successful franchise owners provide adequate advertising support to franchisees. You should be looking to get pre-built marketing materials for all necessary media, online and offline. These marketing materials should have been tested and prepared so that they can be personalized and used immediately.

This minimizes the risk of spending a lot of money determining what marketing works in your area and what doesn’t.

4. Detailed and proven business processes.

This is critical! If you are looking to buy a commercial cleaning franchise, you need to make sure you get good usable processes with the commercial package. These are the things that will get you “going to work.”

The processes create a fail-safe environment and allow you to get on with the most important things in your new business, like getting customers, instead of having to worry about teaching your employees the correct way to clean a kitchen …

5. Alignment of business objectives.

You and the franchise owner must work toward a common business goal. Remember, it is ultimately a joint venture – you both have a lot at stake.

Find a franchise owner who will convey their long-term plans to you immediately. This means that the franchise owner is not looking for ‘quick money’ but is confident in the long-term success of the business.

6. Customer service.

Although customer service is often overlooked, it is one of the critical elements in choosing the best commercial cleaning franchise.

Does customer service respond immediately to your inquiries? Does customer service meet your needs? Since customer service is essential for this type of business, the franchisor must set an example.

Having your own commercial cleaning franchise takes hard work, motivation, and determination. However, in return, you will gain financial freedom and the opportunity to create your own future, rather than working for someone and relying on their ‘good grace’.

If you spend a good time preparing and researching the different aspects of owning a business, you should increase your chances of success.

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