Whether you have an ongoing food business or are just starting out, buying a display refrigerator will be one of your best business decisions. This is the only team that can help you sell your food on its own.

However, you must decide what you will use it for, unless you can afford to buy several. If not, start with one. You can use it to display drinks or food. It might be better to buy one for food display, as drinks can be chilled in the kitchen, and generally people already know which drinks they prefer.

Also, when your customers see what you have to offer before their eyes, it could trigger that kind of “hungry eye” situation where the customer would want to try as much food as they can afford and eat.

Select the screen refrigerator that best suits your needs. You can choose between a sliding door or a hinged door. There are even swing doors for cold cuts and meats, but they are more difficult to handle.

You can even put some improvements on your business name tag or anything else that can make your refrigerator display look more attractive. The thing to keep in mind if you plan to do this is to allow the focus to be on the food and not the decoration.

Another advantage of having a cooler is keeping food cool while looking at it. Not only do they make people want to eat them knowing they stay fresh, but you, as the owner, will have a longer shelf life on your food. Sizes, you have a selection from mini screens to much larger floor-to-ceiling screens. Check your store layout to help you decide what size would fit and not overwhelm the restaurant.

Tips for Buying Your Cake Display Refrigerator

A cake display refrigerator is different from a beverage or meat display refrigerator. The cake display equipment is more elegant and designed to be placed in a strategic and visible location in your store. It also has layers, grids, and a very presentable interior to make the cakes look appetizing and expensive.

To help you sell cakes, you should try to get one of these cake coolers. Choose one that will complement your interior. It doesn’t have to be big as long as it can fit in all your desserts that need to be cooled on the inside. This is your main marketing strategy for selling your cakes. If a person likes the way their cakes are decorated, they will buy a slice or the whole cake. But you need to wear them properly. In this case, presentation is the key to selling your baked goods.

Choose your display refrigerator based on the design. Most designs border stainless steel glass-enclosed coolers. The capacity may vary depending on the number of trays or compartments you may have. You can enhance the display by adding a little decoration to make it look prettier. Some have used fresh fruits, cake decorating, flowers, etc. to add a little spice to your display. Keep it as simple as possible though, as the focus should be on the cakes and not the decorations.

Make sure to clean the refrigerator frequently. Bacteria can thrive in cold temperatures, and any spills or bits of frosting left in the refrigerator could lead to bacteria growth. You need to clean both the interior and exterior to make sure it looks presentable and clean. No one will buy your cakes if the display case looks sloppy.

When buying your display equipment, try to stick with new units as they are covered with a full warranty. It will help you if you have a problem 6 to 8 months after you buy it. This should not be the case if you bought a reputable brand, but it has been known to happen.

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