What will a woman look for in a compliment? Women don’t want a man to jump on her because of how beautiful she is. Most women already know that they are attractive, and if they are not, they know that you are lying. Remember that they have had many years without you and they are very good judges when someone is lying. If you compliment a woman too much, you are putting too much value in her hands. It will automatically assume that she is better than you. Now, even if it is, you don’t want the perception to be what it is. You want her to think that you are the “trap” and that she should be lucky talking to you.

One way to do this is not to compliment their appearance, but rather who they are and what they do. It makes a woman feel very important when she compliments a place where she works or a hobby she has.

A couple of examples

1. “You seem to have an amazing job there. I bet it’s lucky to have you there.” This makes you feel that you are doing something worthwhile and that you acknowledge it.

2. “By how you behave, I can tell that you are very good at tennis.” This allows you to supplement your body without being painfully obvious.

Women like to feel that they are more than just objects to us. That is why when you simply praise their beauty, they know what you are really looking for. They like to feel that what they are doing is a good thing and when you point it out, it just reassures them.

They can get any guy to tell them they’re handsome, but if you give the right compliments, they’ll know they’re paying attention to what they’re saying too.

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