Are you trying to find a hot new sex position? Consider shifting your focus away from trying crazy sex positions and instead focus on making small adjustments to spice up the sex. Men often imitate pornographic movies in an attempt to give you sexual satisfaction. However, a simple change can add more intimacy or pleasure to your sexual partner than more elaborate movements. Here are a couple of nice variations to add to your favorite sexual positions to give you sexual satisfaction.

Variations to missionary positions
Instead of your normal missionary position, consider putting your legs on your shoulders. This adds more dominance and allows you to go deeper, as it also narrows your vagina. It also adds some intimacy if you slowly look her in the eye as you rock her forward with slow thrusts. If you want to do this at a different angle or if the woman is not as flexible, you can try lifting just one of her legs. This provides a different angle that you still like. In both positions (one or two legs on the shoulders), you can curl forward so that you are on top of her, or you can even lean closer to 90 degrees. If you choose the latter, you can try lifting your hips or legs while kneeling and pushing inward. This requires less movement on your part and can provide variety that she will enjoy.

Doggy style variations
When you do doggy style, you can be rougher and more dominant by changing the way you catch her. For example, you can pull your hair with one or two arms (be careful with this, as different women enjoy different levels of pain). You can also hold one or two arms to pull it. If you are pulling her with one arm, you can use the other arm to spank her to make her play harder. If you are looking for something more tame, you can move to the side and introduce it in a spoon position. A more advanced variation of the doggy style would be to lift her legs and pull her by the hips. This places you at a deeper angle, but requires a lot more strength and flexibility. This can be fun to accomplish and can spice things up easily. Finally, consider the standing variations of the doggy style.

In general, experiment with these positions as if they were bedroom sets. Most men forget that you don’t have to make a lot of changes to what you do to offer variety. So have fun changing the angle, the width of the legs or the height, and you will discover that sexual relations can be more creative than you had ever imagined.

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