Has your business showing up on the first page of Google?

If you’re a small business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard of Google Places, Google’s free business listing service. And if you haven’t done a Google Places search, fill out the form and then come back here for tips on how to get more out of your free Google Places business listing.

In 2009, Google relaunched its Business Center to Google Places, allowing local business owners to create a profile of their business, including phone number, address, website, images, videos, business hours, etc. and also bookmark the location of your business on Google. Map service.

Building a Google Places listing is a great way to get your business (even if you don’t have a website) appear on the first page of Google search results when someone does a local search.

A Google Places list is very easy and simple to set up, however what I want to do in this article is give you some additional tips that will help you get more out of your Google Places list.

1. Customer feedback – The more reviews you have on your business listing, the better its performance. First of all, it provides social proof to your prospects or clients and it will also help you keep your listing at the top.

A good way to do this is to email your new customers asking them to leave a review; This can be done on full autopilot with an autoresponder or email management service.

Include a link in your email signature that invites existing customers to leave comments, ask people on your Facebook page, and when people enter your store.

2. Other commercial listings – Google removes information from other business directories to verify that phone numbers, address, etc. are the same and also places these listings on your Google Places profile. Make sure all other business listings you create in other directories are consistent.

3. Keywords – This is a very important factor when creating your business file. If you have a house painting business in Parramatta, Sydney, you will want to target your ads to keywords such as “house painting” “interior house painter” “exterior house painter” “residential house painter” and so on.

Don’t try to fool Google by putting a bunch of keywords in your business name. For example, if you have a house painting business called ABC Paint Service, then you can include your company name as ABC House Paint Service.

This way, you can get 2 of the keywords that are targeting “House Painting” instead of just “Painting”; However, if you try to enter keywords in your business name, for example: “House and Commercial Painter, ABC Interior and Exterior Painting Company” simply to get more keywords, it may work in the short term, but Google quickly he realizes this and will work against him.

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