What is a proper representation on Facebook? Depending on what your intention is, there are three options: Personal Page, Group, and Business Page.

1. Personal page

The purpose of the personal page is to provide you with a means to interact and connect with friends and to portray yourself.

Your personal page is what you start with. It is about you as a person, with a profile photo, your name and the personal data you choose.

In the personal page of any person we can see a profile photo, the name and a button next to it that says ‘Add as a friend’; This is where you can add them as a friend if you want to connect with them. .

People who join you on your personal page are called “friends,” but depending on your linking strategy, you may approve of people as friends you know but never met in person.

2. Group

The purpose of a group is to connect like-minded people or give information on a topic that is of interest to you and the members of your group, for example vegetarians.

Next to the profile photo and group name, you will see the symbol of a group of two and the ‘Join’ button if you want to join this group. Anyone can start a group by going to the ‘group apps’ and clicking ‘Create a group’.

People who are part of a group are called ‘members’.

3. Business page

The purpose of a commercial page is to promote your business, product or service or to represent a public figure, celebrity or band.

Next to the profile picture and name, you will see the symbol of a business page which is a yellow flag and the button ‘Become a fan’ to click if you want to join this business page.

People who have joined a business page are called “fans.”

Get started by joining Facebook and give it a try!

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