Commonly, masturbation is described as a sexual activity in which the penis is generally stimulated to orgasm, in some way. This activity is usually time consuming depending on the person. Now there is an easy way to do it where you don’t need lubricant or waste a lot of time, all you need is just a door or something similar. It takes around 20 to 30 seconds of your time, that’s all, but be careful, the feeling and the end result are exactly the same as in the normal way of masturbating.

Here are the steps to this simple and unique masturbation: Find a door or your closet door will do. The door should be at least your height or taller as long as your hands can reach the top of the door. Stand in front of the outer (top or bottom) edge of the door in a way that the door actually divides your body in half (if confused, remember that the top outer edge of the door should be exactly above your head and the lower exterior The edge of the door is below you and by standing right in front of it you should part your body in the middle so your private part should be right in the center). In that position, place both hands on the top edge of the door or anywhere on the top of the door where it feels convenient. Your hands on the top should allow you to lift your body a little, but you don’t need to lift it just yet.

Since the door separates your body in half, your private part will be in contact with the door as you bring your body closer. Now press that part using your body towards the door so that it slides to either side of the door (left or right) but you have to make sure that the skin of the penis is pressed and remains touching the door. It is very important that the skin of the penis is pressed by touching the door while the penis and testicles are on one side of the door so that it does not press and hurt. So with that skin pressed down and your hands placed on top, you will be hugging or hanging in the door edge position. Suppose you have the skin of your penis pressed against your body and your penis and testicles slide to the right side of the door.

The edge of the door divides your body in half so that you have one leg on either side of the door. Hold the door firmly with your hands on top. Raise your heels a little and stand on your toes (mid-feet), knees bent slightly forward. Raise your right leg (since the penis and testicles are on the right side) and move slowly up and down or in semicircles and think of anything that might turn you on. The left leg does not move or perhaps moves a little because its purpose is to press and hold the skin of the penis firmly against the door. That’s it, little by little you will feel the emotion and you will reach orgasm. Just make sure you put pressure on your skin and move your leg well considering the excitement you feel doing it. The friction caused by moving your leg will cause you to become more and more aroused until you finally ejaculate.

It is very easy and you will reach the point of orgasm in less than 30 seconds and the feeling, as well as the shortness of breath and slight fatigue, is as if you have just had sex. Trust me, it’s amazing. I have written this in detail, which may seem difficult, but give it a try and you will soon realize how easy it is to masturbate in this way.


1. Doors of any material will work.

2. Your penis, testicles, and thigh area must be dry.

3. The part of the door where you will press the skin of the penis must also be dry.

4. The door should not be too high so you have to stretch your hands too high as it would be uncomfortable.

5. Your penis should be shrunken when you do this, if it is in its largest size (stretched) form, there will be less skin left to do this easy masturbation. After this easy masturbation, your penis will be in its largest shape.

6. You can do this with underwear or shorts, but it would be best with nothing on.

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