Doberman Pinscher: advantages and disadvantages of having this amazing pet

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a Doberman Pinscher as a pet

When considering a Doberman Pinscher as a pet, you may be concerned that this dog has a reputation for having a fierce disposition. This can be especially disconcerting when you have children in your home. The fact is, you can never be sure what kind of attitude the dog will have towards children or other family members unless they are properly trained. In this article, I will address the pros and cons of owning this amazing breed of dog.


Contrary to what people believe, the Doberman is not as aggressive as before. Today, a Doberman as a pet can be just as loving and friendly as an average dog. The dog can be treated as a member of the family and this can help the dog to be more affectionate, affectionate and playful. If you have time to train the dog, that will make it easier to handle.

With proper training your pet, Dobe is a puppy or dog that will be very sociable. They will require a high level of interaction with all human beings and family members to stay happy in their home environment. Someone in the family should pay special attention to them every day to make sure they understand that they are part of the family.

Many reports claim that Dobermans are excellent dogs for families where there are young children in the home, as long as they are introduced and raised together. A great number of people have experienced fantastic relationships between their children and their Dobermans.

When training your dog, also keep in mind that your children and other family members must learn to treat a Doberman. If everyone is knowledgeable and trained together, chances are good that you will have a great relationship with your dog or puppy for years to come. The most important part of training your pet is making sure they know that you are the leader of the pack and you will find that they tend to learn quite easily.


Doberman Pinschers are playful by nature, and because they may be larger than your child, they might inadvertently play a bit rough when it comes to fighting with them. That is why it is important to raise the dog and the children together while teaching them to respect each other. If you have a puppy or child who has not received any training, you may have a difficult time teaching the child or dog where each of them crosses the line. Keep this in mind when considering a Doberman for a pet.

Although these dogs love children, there are times when they think of them as their own and can be overly protective. Make a quick move towards one of your children and you may find yourself in trouble as the pet can become quite aggressive. This was the problem with my brother-in-law’s Dobe and they finally had to find another home for him.

Friends who may visit your home often worry about whether or not their Dobe pet is cruel, which may discourage friends from coming until they understand that their pet is not a threat to their children or themselves. This is also a scam because while friends may stay away until they realize the difference, marauders or burglars can be just as cautious when looking for a home to break into.

One problem that can be big is that since a Doberman is easily spooked, your pet may often feel stressed or shy. Try not to make any swift or threatening movements around your pet to avoid creating a stressful environmental situation for her. The more they are around you, the more used they will be and will eventually take most of your movements in stride.

In general, a Doberman makes a good family dog, especially if he is raised with the family. I think a woman might be better if you have young children as they will probably not be as aggressive when taking care of the children. They are easy to train when you have established that you are the leader of the pack.

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