Kundalini yoga is a particular path of yoga that, among other things, can offer the seeker tremendous hidden power. Kundalini yoga seeks to open the different charkas or energy centers. If an aspirant is successful, he will be able to have access to these yogic powers.

The first danger in awakening the Kundalini powers is that they can be easily abused. If we open our third eye, it is possible to read the thoughts of others and glimpse the future. However, this power can be easily abused, we can begin to look at what people are thinking, instead of using it for divine purposes, we will use it for our own selfish uses. If we don’t have purity and genuine aspiration, gaining hidden powers can give us a tremendous sense of pride. We would enjoy showing ourselves to other people. By doing this, we do not gain any divine quality of inner peace and happiness. When we feed the ego we take pride and this can easily lead to ruin.

With the powers of Kundalini we can distract ourselves from our most important task of self-realization. External miracles and hidden powers, which come from Kundalini Yoga, do not help in any way on our spiritual path of self-discovery. To achieve lasting peace, joy, and inner happiness, we must conquer the ego and learn to communicate with God, our own soul. If we only desire hidden powers, it will slow down and possibly hinder our spiritual growth. For a true spiritual Master who has reached the highest consciousness, the Kundalini powers often arise spontaneously. However, they seldom use them externally because they know that they have little capacity to effect the transformation of man’s nature. To inspire aspirants to live a more spiritual life, what is needed is inner spiritual realization and not outward displays of miraculous powers.

As Sri Chinmoy says:

“Even if we use the Kundalini powers for the right purpose, we will not be able to offer Infinite Peace, Infinite Bliss, Infinite Light in that way. No matter how many miracles we demonstrate, the person who sees them will be pleased for only five minutes and then they will be jealous because it does not have this power. “

There is a danger that Kundalini Yoga will waste our time. There is a good traditional Indian story that helps illustrate this point. There were 2 brothers who practiced the spiritual life. One brother decided that he would go to practice severe austerities in order to obtain his Kundalini powers. After 12 years of intense practice, he returned to his village. He wanted to show his brother his newly acquired powers, so he walked through the water in a river. His brother simply paid a boatman 1 rupee and joined his brother on the other side. When they reached the other shore, the brother said. “Why have you wasted 12 years to do something that I can do for just 1 rupee?” The other brother realized that he had been a fool and had not made any real spiritual progress in the search for hidden powers.

To practice kundalini yoga we need to have purity of mind and vitality. If we still cherish worldly thoughts and try to open our energy centers, this will cause enormous confusion and our efforts will be wasted as our energy will be directed downward rather than upward. If we really want to practice Kundalini yoga, the best approach is to meditate and focus on the heart. It is in the heart where we will feel purity in abundance. Sri Chinmoy suggests:

“If you wish to follow the path of kundalini, my humble advice is that you first try to awaken the heart center. The heart center is considerably pure. Vital or disturbing emotions will be purified with the opening of this center.”

We must also follow the path of Kundalini yoga under the guidance of a qualified spiritual master. When studying Kundalini Yoga, we must maintain an attitude of genuine sincerity and reverence.

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