Costa Coffee, the second largest coffee house in the world, is a British international company owned by Dunstable, UK. It is the largest coffee shop in the UK and a wholly owned subsidiary of Whitbread PLC. Since 1971, they have provided the highest quality services to citizens of the world. It is a chain of coffee shops based in the United Kingdom, founded by Italian brothers. Your USP is the Italian of the company’s coffee. The brothers have created their own niche in the coffee market with quietly roasted and warmed coffee. mocha italy, aromatic blend of coffee beans.

The signature brand stands for opulence, perfection and brilliance and is an integral part of the proven product that has grown out of many years of knowledge gained through experience. Costa’s reputation not only applies to exceptional coffee, but also to the insistence on perfect services.

The inspiration is enlarged and manifested in the decoration of the Costa coffee shops as well as the flavor of the invention itself. Obviously you will find many who would say that Costa is only for the tastes of the British, not the Italians and it is no longer an Italian company. The claim is irrefutable and Costa Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shop chains in the UK.

The list of all items served in the cafeteria contains delicious drinks, finger snacks and many more delicious delicacies. The international coffee chain operates 1,390 coffee shops across the UK with 800 more internationally, covering 28 countries as of January 2011. Its largest store with a capacity of approximately 300 people is located in Dubai.

Their recent launch of the innovative Facebook Coffee Club app, which will allow the club’s more than three million members to have direct access to their account, has made them the latest buzz on the social media site. There is also another great service from Costa Coffee. For a long-lasting gift that true coffee lovers will thank you for, you don’t need to look any further than Costa’s new gift card.

The Costa Book Awards were previously famous as the Whitbread Book Awards. After 2005, Costa Coffee took over the sponsorship and also changed the name. These awards are given to books by authors based in Ireland and Great Britain. They have recently added the Costa Short Story award to their collection of awards.

The Costa Express is the Costa Coffee Company’s new way of getting Costa Coffee on the go. A perfect cup in four ‘M’, Miscela, Macinatura, Macchina Y Manna is its main objective.

SWOT analysis by an expert analyst explains that its strengths are the powerful variety of products, reputation and experience of global expansion, its weakness is the fragile control despite the advantages of TI, few selected countries covered and lack of flexibility, and its opportunities as the technique of fusion with other coffee companies, covering countries such as China, India and many more. The ideal financial profile of the Costa Coffee client will be the upper middle class or the privileged class. Costa Coffee is preferred by young people, professionals, families and mature consumers according to surveys and sources. If you’re interested, you already know where to look for the Costa Coffee experience!

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