Are you really ready? – 8 things to think about before getting a dog

Thinking about adding a dog or puppy to the family. Waiting for a furry bundle of joy? That’s great, but have you thought about it carefully? It’s a big responsibility, here are some items to think about before taking the plunge.

1. What kind of dog do you want?

Be sure to consider what type of dog you want. Every breed is different in how smart they are, how big they get, how friendly they are, how much exercise they need, etc. If you are looking for a particular breed consider a rescue, but if you want to buy from a breeder check their references and make sure they do everything they are expected to do, this varies by breed. Whatever you do, be sure to research the breed you are considering, even a mix if you know what the mix is.

2. Do you have cash?

Owning a dog can at least have an impact on your budget and at worst a real expense at times. A single visit for vaccinations can easily cost more than a hundred dollars. Then of course there are food and other supplies. Based on my experience and my study of dog products, I estimate that the initial costs of supplies and food will be about $ 200. I have a 25 pound Sheltie. His food costs about $ 15 a month. Veterinary bills are around $ 200 a year; That includes a sick visit or two; plus, protection against heartworms and fleas and ticks costs about $ 10 a month. They fix it twice a year for about $ 80; We could do this ourselves, but we decided not to. So we spend an average of about $ 50 a month unless there is a major illness or injury.

3. Do you like poop?

Puppies defecate every time they eat, so watch 3-4 times a day. An adult dog will probably “go” 2 to 3 times a day. The food a dog eats influences the amount of feces (poop) it will produce. The cheaper the food, the more feces. So if you buy cheap food, you will pay for it. at the end. These things can add up quickly, so you really need to clean at least once a day. Take my advice. Just clean after every time, it makes life a lot easier and also keeps the garden clean.

4. Do you like to exercise?

Any dog ​​enjoys a walk and should have one. Some breeds really need it, and without it your dog may have behavioral problems, such as chewing or barking excessively. You should plan a regular walking schedule, especially if your breed needs a certain amount of exercise, which will be revealed by breed research.

5. Do you like to sleep in late?

Dogs tend to be morning people. That’s not to say that a dog always needs to get up early, but many do it because they have to go to the bathroom. My dog ​​wakes up and stares at my wife until she wakes up, it’s not that I won’t let him out, he’s just used to her and most days I’m awake before he gets up. Another thing to think about is that a puppy may not sleep through the night and you may have to get up and take the little critter outside to go to the bathroom; This is not the most fun on a cold night. Keep this in mind, if you REALLY like to sleep in late, a dog might not be the best option.

6. Do you like or do you have to travel?

You cannot leave your dog alone when you travel, so you will have to ask a pet sitter to come over to the house or take him to a friend or a kennel. A kennel will cost you between $ 25 and $ 50 a day depending on the type of kennel and the size of the dog. There are hotels that allow dogs, if you have time while you are away to attend to her.

7. Are you planning other family additions soon?

If you have a baby in the house or a young child, adding a dog to the mix may not be the best idea. On the one hand, the dog will be another demand for your attention, in addition to the fact that the new pet may become jealous of his new siblings.

8. When do you plan to have this dog?

It is not a good idea to bring a new dog or puppy home during an important holiday, such as Christmas. Too much is already happening, too many distractions. The same goes for birthdays. If you want to have a new dog at an important event, like one of these, do it sooner or later and make it a special event and it will be!

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