Since the term “overturned” was born in 1936, millions of basketball players have tried to add this “movement” to their repertoire or at least learn it. Back then, New York Times reporter Arthur Daley observed some McPherson Oilers basketball players carry the ball over the basket and throw it through the hoop. He compared this move to dipping a cookie in his coffee and the most popular move in basketball was born.

Since then there has been an incredible evolution of the “movement” called mate. Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter – they all took dunk to the next level. Last year, TJ Fontenette AKA The Air Up There from the streetball team AND1

became the first man to complete a 720 degree dunk, that’s two full rotations in midair!

So nowadays all children want to make a mate long before they can make a tray. But why is mate so popular? Let’s ask Vince Carter, arguably the best vaulter in the world:

“Because most of the people who watch or play basketball in their spare time can’t do those things. But they want to. A lot of guys have a killer crossover, they can all do a behind-the-back pass and hit from midfield. But what? how many people can throw at 360? “

It’s simple: once you can shoot, you never want to lose the feeling that you are soaring into the air, throwing the ball through the hoop, nylon or chain net, hanging from the hoop and looking down at your opponent in shame. what seconds. Ago I was trying to block you …

“Wetting the ball is better than sex!” – Shawn Kemp, one of the best dunks in NBA history

This comparison gives you a rough idea of ​​what kind of sensation it is to wet. Okay, but now let’s take a look at why most people who play basketball and want to spike don’t actually make it.

The most popular excuse is: “I am too small!” And this one is definitely wrong. Why? Because if you’re over 5’7 “, that’s the height of the smallest slam dunk champion in the NBA, Spud Webb, and you don’t have chronic health issues (knees, ankles, back), you can definitely learn to pound!

So if it’s not the height, what’s the secret of the wet? Why don’t so many people, even guys who play basketball regularly, learn to shoot dunks?

Because all they think about is how to increase the vertical jump. They simply ignore that there are some basic but decisive principles that determine your success and in addition to the specific exercises that you must take into account:

1. Discipline. You have to constantly work on your jumping ability. Without discipline you will not reach your goals and you will lose motivation.

2. Motivation. Wanting to get wet is not enough! Face it: every basketball player wants to make a dunk. You must have the proper motivation. Getting the basketball wet has to be a real goal for you, and an important one.

3. Training plan. Write a concrete training plan and stick with it. For example: week one: lose extra pounds, run, stretch; week two: squats / jumps, calf raises / jumps, jump rope, etc.

4. Specific goals. You must have some concrete goals. For example: gain a few inches in your vertical every week. Just check and write down your progress. You can also focus on touching the tire with one hand first and then with both hands.

5. Patience. Many people think they can learn to dive in two weeks or less. That is rubbish! Just look at the progress you make each week, your highlights (maybe you can dump a tennis ball already?) And the motivation will last.

PS: If you take everything seriously, you will get important results!

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