5 Reasons Why You Need A Portable Air Conditioner

A reliable air conditioning system is essential, and among the many options we have available to us, portable air conditioners are quite suitable for a number of reasons. Despite their smaller size and lower energy consumption, the cooling and heating they provide make them the ideal choice for some. Smaller apartments, rooms and outdoor environments could benefit greatly from these smaller, more area-focused based systems. Continue reading to discover five of the most important reasons you should get a portable air conditioner.

Reason 1: Energy Efficient

Portable Air Conditioners are available in a range of capacities. A 6000 BTU portable air conditioner covers roughly 100-300 sq ft and is several times more efficient than other air conditioning systems. Apart from being compact, they are perfect for smaller environments and for those looking to use their air conditioners for a certain part of the day, such as just to get a good night’s sleep. In five to ten years, portable air conditioners can potentially offer hundreds of dollars in savings.

Reason 2: No Installation Required

Air conditioning systems such as ductlessmini splits or window air conditioning units always require either a hole in the wall followed by a lengthy installation or window space that lets in sunlight. In some cases, the windows are not the right size for the air conditioner creating another problem. This can easily be solved using portable air conditioners as they do not need installation and only require a power outlet to operate. This saves both a lot of time and money.

Reason 3: Indoors, Outdoors Or On The Go

In some cases, such as when you’re sitting on your porch or touring in your RV, other air conditioning systems just don’t apply. With a portable air conditioner, it is very possible to keep an outdoor space comfortable or even an RV without the restrictions that come with other air conditioning systems.

Reason 4: They Are Quietest

Larger air conditioning systems have a higher decibel rating than portable air conditioning systems making them preferable for smaller environments. Whether you are trying to work, sleep or are just relaxing, portable air conditioners usually produce 55 decibels. Compared to 40 decibels in a library, the lack of noise while operating makes portable air conditioners an excellent choice.

Reason 5: No Need To Worry About Building Rules

In some instances, your building rules state may prevent you from the invasive installation that comes with ductless mini splits or other larger air conditioning systems. This problem can easily be solved by portable air conditioners as they are available in capacities ranging from 6000 BTU to upto 12,000 BTU offering not only cost efficiency but a reliable and easy way to air condition your space. Those who shift locations frequently will also benefit greatly from owning a portable air conditioning system instead of worrying about installation every time you reach a new place.

When choosing a portable air conditioning system for your space, it is important to select the right one based on a number of factors such as:

  • The right capacity
  • The energy ratings
  • The features it offers

To find the right portable air conditioner for you, check out ProServices Supply’s range of portable air conditioners. With quick delivery and an extensive range of products, you’re sure to find something to make your home comfortable. They have a great MRO team so if you have any questions, you can call (877) 776 – 8228 to speak to an HVAC expert.

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